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Projects Constructed By Our Company BIENTER S.A.
For The GR03 Program - Renewable Energy Sources

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The Programme Area “Renewable Energy Sources (RES) – GR03” aimed at increasing the share of RES in the production and consumption of energy and at the same time the reduction of CΟ2 emissions.
This Programme area had a total budget of 11,188,235 € and was funded by EEA states (Iceland, Lichtenstein and Norway) by 85 % (9,510,000 €) and the Public Investment Program of Hellenic Republic by 15 % (1,678,235 €).
The implemented projects are divided in the below categories:
  • RES in Buildings: The replacement of conventional systems of high energy consumption with RES is funded. RES can include systems as solar systems for hot water, biomass or/and geothermal systems for cooling / heating and PVs (for energy production in buildings).
  • RES applications in microgrids: Microgrids application is funded in central heating systems, biomass and/or geothermic.
  • Replacement of conventional energy sources with RES: Application of RES power plants is funded for supporting “Green Energy installations”, such as pumping houses.

Hybrid geothermal-heliothermal system for the co-generation of thermal and electrical power

BIENTER S.A. and the SPECIAL ACCOUNT OF DEMOCRITUS UNIVERSITY OF THRACE (SA/DUTH) signed two (2) contracts within February and March 2015. The first contract is for the EPC construction of a «Hybrid geothermal-heliothermal system for the co-generation of thermal and electrical power» and the second one for the EPC construction of a «Geothermal fluid pumping and transfer system for district heating».
The above projects will be completed and delivered fully functional to the SA/DUTH within the second semester of 2015.
The two (2) contracts were awarded to BIENTER S.A. after an International Public Open Tender, held in November 2014, in which BIENTER S.A. submitted the most economical and technically robust bids complying with all high level stringent specifications of SA/DUTH, in terms of equipment, facilities and projects’ costs.
Both projects combine two (2) basic energy sources, heliothermal power and geothermal power. More specifically:
  • The heliothermal (CSP) field produces 180kWth of thermal power, includes a thermal storage system and its operation is fully automated.
  • The geothermal field produces 200kWth of thermal power utilizing low depth geothermy.
  • There is electricity production to power all equipment of nearby greenhouses.
  • The produced thermal power will heat greenhouses and an Elementary School building via district heating.

These projects are pilot projects that will be built according to the most recent and stringent technical requirements set forth by both the SA/DUTH and the European Union (Interreg Program) that is co-financing both projects.

BIENTER S.A. and its main shareholders study, develop, design, construct and put into full operation Renewable Energy Sources (RES) projects for thirty-four (34) consecutive years starting in 1981. They have built RES projects like Small Hydros, Biomass and Photovoltaic plants while at the present time they are extending their activities to the new growing areas of Biogas and Solar & Geothermal Systems for both local use and use with the Utility and district heating networks.


Izmir International Fair (IEF) 2014

BIENTER SA through BIENTER ENERJI A.S. participates in the 83th Izmir International Fair (IEF) 2014 in Turkey from 29 August - 7 September 2014


Timetable of work: July 2014
BIENTER SA undertook to perform maintenance tasks on industrial freezer unit - packing organic agricultural products and photovoltaic power station 99,84 kWp situated in the Industrial Area Kavala.
  • Checking and maintenance of refrigeration.
  • Inspection and maintenance of substation and MV switches.
  • Inspection and maintenance of electrical equipment HVAC system offices.
  • Inspection and maintenance of the system controlled atmosphere cold stores.
  • Inspection and maintenance of 99,875 kWp photovoltaic system that is mounted on roofs.


Timetable of work: June-July 2014 

BIENTER SA undertook to provide services relating the implementation of the Technical and Economic assessment of improvement work already implemented or will be implemented in future, at the small hydro-electric power project SHPP THERMOREMA 2,9 MWe in Sperchiada, Fthiotida.
 -TURN KEY construction by BIENTER SA 
-Year of project 2003 

  • Position spreader pipe length 5.900m, material GRP, diameter F800-F900, pressure of 6 atm. up to 32 atm.
  • Improvement works to existing abstraction mainly in various construction and earthworks
  • Jobs which have already been implemented in existing abstraction and mainly in launching and re-build the project exammoti of reinforced concrete.
  • Work on the restoration and management of landslide damage to the pipeline flow of SHP THERMOREMA.
  • Construction work relating to construction of a new pipeline segment 1050m, Material GRP, F1100 diameter, pressure of 25 atm. to 32atm. to bypass the section of the pipeline suffered landslide.


Timetable of work: June-July, 2014
BIENTER SA undertook to perform electrical work and maintenance on small hydro-electric power project SHPP GOEV 1MWe in Agrinio. 
-TURN-KEY construction by BIENTER SA 
-Year of project 2006
  • Repair of three (3) analog cards of PLC control of the Station,
  • Repair of electronically controlled relay protection Generator,
  • Repair of industrial computer operation and control of the entire station,
  • Check the electrical installation of the station before the installation of generators,
  • Reassembling all electrical connections Generator (power and signal control system - protection)
  • Check the rest of the electrical installation and testing - arrangements before the start - up of the Station,
  • Testing and start-up Station, technician house construction generator,
  • Maintenance work of the general table and force automation, hydraulic units, control wiring and power automation and in general all the equipment of the station.

Solar Energy and Technologies Fair “Solarex Istanbul” 2014

BIENTER SA through BIENTER ENERJI A.S. participates in the International Exhibition of Solar Energy and Technology, SOLAREX 2014 in Istanbul 11,12 April 2014

Visit in Agritechnica 2013 in Hanover - Germany

BIENTER S.A. team visited the World’s largest exhibition of agricultural machinery in Hanover Germany from 13 to 16 November 2013. The main goal of the visit was the monitoring of the recent developments in biogas and biomass projects. Within this context BIENTER’S team met with engineers from highly specialized companies either in the field of usable feedstock as well as new high yield feedstock mixtures or EPC companies building purely large or purely small projects but in any case projects of high value to price ratio.

5,6,7 June 2013

Bienter S.A. at RoEnergy International RES Trade Fair at Bucharest 5,6,7 June 2013

October 2012

BIENTER S.A. undertakes 1 MWe industrial roof-top mounted PV project